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Associations avoid the internet

The newspaper Handelsblatt from the 11th July 2011 reported on a study from the Institut für Verbandsmanagement and Xpoint0 about the use of modern communication media in associaitons.

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Jobs in organizations have a future!

Out of an article from the magazin "Wirtschaftswoche, issue 1/2 from the 10th January 2011.

The magazin „Wirtschaftwoche“ reported in its issue 1/2 from the 10th January 2011 about a Prognos-study which is dealing with the jobs of the future.
One result from that is the list of the 100 most demanded jobs of the future.
Their importance is measured with five stars to one star.
Jobs in organizations (as well as in unions) are listed in the first third of the 100 most demanded jobs. Therefor many organizations need to adjust with an active staffing policy, because concupiscence
and demand means also competition for the top brains.

Human resource development for organizations is a core topic for the Institut für Verbandsmanagement.